Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Much is being made of my relationship with Mommy Cat and the sudden and surprise birth of our babies on November 5, 2007. Mommy Cat and I are legally married, and have been since July 4, 2007. We are thrilled and excited to be parents. Contrary to campaign gossip, I am fully supportive of my little family and have plans to be a 'hands on' parent, and plan to do everything possible to assist the love of my life as she cares for our precious blessings.

I am dismayed, though, that I have not been allowed to see my family yet. There are vicious discussions about my play-boy reputation and the fact that I might try to have inappropriate contact with the little ones and could endanger their safety. This is not true. Mommy Cat is quite selfish in her solitude. I respect her need for privacy while she bonds with our family.

I am taking steps to make these little ones welcome into my family. I am eager to accept the responsibility of parenthood including financial responsibilities. This being the case, I have petitioned my mommy for an increase in my allowance.

I would like to state, for the record, my family values have absolutely nothing, nothing to do with Doc Holiday, Purrfect for America's Presidential campaign.

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